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May 2019 Newsletter Round-up: 10 Things to do with your Kids

Summer is upon us and we can’t wait to start playing outdoors with the kids! Our Summers usually get booked up pretty fast, but we always manage to find time to spend some quality time with the kids.



But as much as we want to spend every waking minute with our kids, we still need a break when we come home from work. So here are 10 activities for your kids to do while you take a little breather after work:


1. Things to do with Dad on Father’s Day


Things to do with dad on Father's Day | Father's day gifts from kids | Father's day gift ideas | things to do on father's day

Let’s start off with this post! It’s always so hard to find a great father’s day gift, especially when your kids are too young to come up with something themselves. This guide will help you find the perfect thing for dad!


2. Simple Water Transfer Toddler Activity


Water transfer activity for kids | gross motor activity for toddlers

This activity takes no time to setup and will keep your kids entertained for a long time. Even better, take this outside if the weather is nice enough!


3. Rainbow Valentines Hearts | Days with Grey


Valentine's day toddler activity | fine motor toddler activity

I know it’s not Valentine’s day, but this activity by Days with Grey was so fun! Plus, rainbow colours can be used ANY TIME of year!


4. Toddler Activity: Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars


Easy binoculars toddler activity | binocular craft for kids | toilet paper roll binoculars

This was a great activity to do on a Saturday morning! Kept Little J busy long enough for us to prep breakfast! This one includes a baby and sibling play variation!


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5. Toilet Paper Bird Feeder


Easy bird feeder toddler activity | bird feeder craft for kids | toilet paper roll bird feeder

Continuing with the toilet paper theme, here’s another toilet paper activity to do with your toddler. This also takes under 5 minutes to setup!


6. Easy Alphabet Matching Activity | Busy Toddler


Alphabet learning activity for toddlers | teaching toddlers the alphabet

Busy Toddler always has the most simple and creative ideas, and this one doesn’t disappoint! We pulled this one out for at least a week for Little J and he loved it every time!


7. Discovery Wands


Nature wand craft for toddlers | Nature discovery wands for toddlers |  nature wand

This is such a fun nature discovery activity! It takes no time to put together and will keep your kids (both babies and toddlers) interested on your next walk to the park!


8. Alphabet Bingo


Alphabet bingo toddler activity | alphabet bingo printable free | alphabet bingo printable | alphabet bingo free


This activity is so easy to put together! The post provides you with steps to make your own bingo cards or, if you’re a subscriber, there’s a free download option if you’re not the DIY type!


9. Laundry Hamper Fishing | Munchinks and Moms


Fine motor activity for toddlers | Easy fishing toddler activity | Fine motor play

This was suuuuch a fun game! Plus we turned it into sibling play when Little N still wasn’t crawling around by simply putting him in the basket and having Little J fish the toys and give them to him.


10. Hands on Counting Game | Days with Grey


Counting game for toddlers | Paw Patrol counting game | STEAM toddler activity | Math toddler activity

The great thing about Days with Grey’s activities is that they’re easily adaptable to the level and interest of your child. We made this game Paw Patrol themed. How will you adapt yours?

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