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Be Part of the Village with these 7 Baby Shower Gifts

Disclosure: While this post is not sponsored, it does contain affiliate links (*), which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own. 


Baby showers. You either love ’em or hate ’em. Plus, it can be difficult to choose baby shower gifts. I think a lot of us, even as moms, simply pick any item on the registry that fit our budget and never really put some real thought into the gift.


But I’ve decided to take on a different approach. From the experience I’ve had so far, there are certain items that I wouldn’t have thought to be as important as they turned out to be, particularly for the first day back home. And I wish I had received some of these items at my baby shower. Why not share that knowledge with my new parent friends?


Not only that, but in the last two years, I’ve tried a whole bunch of different products and some of them would make pretty good baby shower gifts! So, if you want to be the one friend who gives a gift no one else would’ve thought of, I’ve got some good ideas for you!


Now when I attend baby showers, my new strategy is as follows: In addition to getting at least one thing off her registry (because let’s face it, it does take a lot of time to research and put a registry together), I will also add some of the following items that I deem necessary to have on hand or that she might need down the road. Not only will your girlfriend appreciate the items (even if she doesn’t know it yet), but you’ll have offered a little bit of wisdom and it will make you feel like you’re part of the village that it takes to raise a child.


1. Baby laundry detergent + stain remover duo



These very basic household items are a necessity in any mom’s home. For starters, your girlfriend will have to wash all the adorable outfits she got at the shower so that they’re ready for baby’s arrival and the detergent she uses for her own clothes just won’t cut it for baby’s sensitive skin.


I think the stain remover speaks for itself. She’ll appreciate having that on hand for the first explosive diaper. It would be sad to ruin all those new outfits right from the start!


2. Diapers



Duh! right? WRONG.


One can never have too many diapers and surprisingly, very few people will get them because it’s not a fun gift to give. If you’re going to get diapers, make sure you get newborn size. Odds are that’s the size she’ll need at first (even if it’s just for a week). We didn’t think we would use the newborn size with Little J because everyone said to simply use the next size up, but we used them for both our boys for the first few weeks because size 1 was just waaaaay too big and changing a diaper would get very messy.


3. Baby Wipes



Same thing here. One can never have too many wipes. I would highly recommend the big case of Kirkland brand at Costco. Much cheaper and excellent quality! If you don’t have a membership, the Pampers wipes have served us well when we couldn’t get ourselves to Costco. 


4. Bath Tub



If she doesn’t have a tub and nobody’s grabbed it off the registry yet, get it for her. It’ll be one of the key items for her to have on the first day back from the hospital. Little J was sent home without a proper bath. The hospital expected us to try it out for the first time in the sink of our hospital room (based on a video they showed us). We opted to wait and do it in the comfort of our home.


5. Infant Tylenol



This is actually an item that we received at Little J’s shower (thanks to our nurse friend!). It was fantastic to have on hand, particularly when he got his first vaccines. We were already a little worried about how he would react to the vaccine, so I’m glad we didn’t have to run to the pharmacy to grab a bottle “just in case” he needed it. It was definitely one less thing to worry about.

**Talk to your healthcare provider before administering any medication to your child


6. Kissy Boo Boo Teddy Bear


Moms don’t know if their baby will be colicky or not. But if it happens, they will try anything and everything to make their new bundle feel better. This made-in-Canada teddy bear can be really helpful for those small tummies. Plus, they can be used warm or cold. So once they grow out of the colicky phase, they can be used for a variety of other discomforts (think tummy aches, fevers, or even menstrual pains).  You can find these in most pharmacies. 


7. Reusable Food Pouches



There are a ton of pre-prepared food pouches in the stores nowadays. While they are useful in a pinch, a lot of moms prefer to make their own purees at home. But the worry of reheating the food while outside the house, and the potential mess, can be a deterrent.


Giving a new mom reusable food pouches sets her up for success. You can easily heat the food using a cup of hot water, they are dishwasher safe, AND better for our planet!



A few more tips when purchasing baby shower gifts…


    • DO get newborn clothing size. As appreciative as we were to get a variety of larger sizes for Little J (3 months +), we had to go out and buy a good set of newborn sized onesies and PJs because we barely had any and he was floating in 3 months – impossible that he was at all comfortable. We knew better and were prepared when Little N came along!


    • DO pick clothing sizes based on the season. For example, don’t get size 3 month shorts if the kid will be 6 months by the time summer comes around. Take the time to make the calculation – your girlfriend will appreciate it. When in doubt, always get the bigger size!


    • DO check the price matching policy. Because baby items are expensive, no matter who makes the purchase, check to see if the store where your friend is registered offers a price matching policy. You could save a couple of bucks and still get items checked off your girlfriend’s registry!


I definitely have a new perspective on baby showers and I think it’s a great opportunity for moms to share their tricks and/or favourite products with the guest of honour.


What other original gifts have you given your girlfriends?


Disclosure: While this post is not sponsored, it does contain affiliate links (*), which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own. 


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