Things to do on Canada Day | Canada Day Party | Canada Day Activities

Host a Unique Canada Day BBQ with these 5 fun ideas

Canada Day long weekend is just around the corner and celebrations will take place across the country!


In the last 10 years that I’ve lived in the Ottawa region, I’ve really loved celebrating Canada Day. The festivities here are truly grand and I’m so grateful to be living in such a wonderful country!


But our celebrations aren’t always spent in the busy downtown core. We’ve hosted our share of backyard bbq’s and we love adding unique elements to our parties, especially things for kids to do.


If you’re hosting your own Canada Day celebration, here are 5 unique ideas to add some fun to your party!


Things to do on Canada Day | Canada Day Party | Canada Day Activities

1. Make Beavertails


Things to do on Canada Day | Canada Day Party | Canada Day Activities

What we thought was going to be a daunting task at first turned out to be such a fun element to add to our party! They were much easier to make and the guests loved it!


Make them for your party using this All Recipes recipe!


2. Setup an Outdoor Water Knee Hockey Rink


You can’t talk about Canada without talking about hockey!


While hockey is usually a winter sport, setting up a fun water knee hockey rink in your backyard can be refreshing and fun!


Enjoy this summer twist to the game using Somewhat Simple’s tutorial! Kids (and adults, I’m sure) will love it!


3. Have a Rain Gutter Regatta


Did you know? Every year in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, they celebrate Canada Day holding traditional canoe race to commemorate voyageurs.


Why not recreate it in your backyard using this tutorial by Carnival Savers for a Rain Gutter Regatta!


4. Make Canada Day Popsicles


If it’s going to be a hot one this year, you can’t have your guests melting in the heat!


Make sure your guests enjoy the day with these amazing looking Canada Day Popsicles by Exploring Healthy Foods!


5. Serve Poutine


This delicious Quebec staple is a favourite across the country!


Add this classic fries, cheese and gravy recipe (Killing Thyme) to your BBQ!


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