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Get to Know Me: 20 Questions about who I am

I thought it would be fun for you guys to get to me a little better, outside of what’s included in my About page. So, inspired by Journaling Jenny‘s blog post, here are 20 questions to get to know me better!




1. Do you have any nicknames?

Most people call me by my full name because it’s already a relatively short name (no, it’s not short for Catherine – it’s just Cathy). But a few people call me Cat, and some even call me Kit Kat.

2. Are you named after anyone?

Yes! But I don’t know this person! The story:  My family lived in Africa for the first few years of my life. My parents were living there for a few years before we were born and my mom had met this woman that she thought was very poised and charming. So she told herself that if she ever had a daughter, she’d name her after that woman. So here I am!

3. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I do! One older brother and one younger brother. Fun fact: my younger brother and I are Irish twins. So for one month out of the year we’re the same age and that always confused people. So growing up, we would get into the habit of telling people we were twins.


4. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Montreal’s Italian neighbourhood. People thought I was crazy to move to the Ottawa area but I’m much happier here! My whole family is still in Montreal so I miss them all the time, but the city itself – not so much.

5. What activities did you do in high school?

I did classical ballet as part of my every day curriculum. It was a Sports-Studies program and I was lucky enough to be selected to be part of the ballet program. It was 1.5 hours of dancing every day, throughout my 5 years of high school (in Quebec). I had been dancing since the age of 3, so it was hard for me when I graduated. I tried taking it up again, but it didn’t make sense to me at the time to only dance once a week. So I let it go.

6. Where did you go to University?

I did my Undergrad at Concordia University and my Masters at the University of Ottawa

7. What activities did you do in University?

I didn’t do much during my undergrad. But I joined the UNICEF club during my Masters Degree!

8. What did you study in University?

I did a College degree (CEGEP) in Health Studies because I was heading into Marine Biology. But I hated it. So I studied both my Undergrad and Masters in Communication Studies. I specialized in web media during my Undergrad (web design and coding) and my Masters thesis looked at the conflict between modernization and the introduction of new technologies in developing countries.

9. What was your first job out of University?

I was an administrative assistant at Astral Media, on the web end.

10. What kind of music do you like?

Right now I’m really into country music. I also enjoy alternative rock (stuff like Our Lady Peace and Three Doors Down). I also like folk music (stuff like John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Dispatch). I used to go to a lot of concerts in Montreal. Fun fact: I got to see Jack Johnson for free at Osheaga the one time he ever came to the Canadian east coast because I had volunteered to stand as his foundation’s booth at the festival to talk about the issues surrounding plastic in our oceans.

11. What’s one hobby that you’d like to take up?

I’d love to learn how to sew!! It was one of my goals during my first mat leave, but I had zero time for it.

12. What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

When I was in elementary school, I really really REALLY wanted to be a pediatrician for mute and deaf children. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language! Not sure why that dream never came about.

13. What’s the biggest project on your to-do list?

Right now it’s mostly working on growing my blog and planning Little N’s first birthday!

14. Do you have an irrational fears?

I’m afraid of heights. I don’t get vertigo or anything. It just freaks me out. I don’t do rollercoasters for that particular reason.

15. Have you ever traveled outside the country? If so, where?

Yes, I love to travel!


I’ve been to a few places in the USA (a few places in Florida, drove down the coast of California, Maine, New Hampshire, Nashville, Chicago, Boston, Washington, NYC – I’m sure I’m forgetting some place). Fun Fact: I own my own surf board and went on a few surf trips. But I’m not a good surfer though, I didn’t go often enough!


I also got to visit our Canadian west coast (camping in Calgary/Jasper/Banff/Edmondon – nothing beats the view of the Rocky Mountains), as well as Vancouver (for the Olympics!!).


I’ve visited the Caribbean (mostly on resorts – Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Cuba), and I also backpacked around Costa Rica for 3 weeks when I was much younger.


I’ve also been overseas: London (twice, including once for the summer Olympics), Paris, Rome, Venice, Lebanon. I also did a cruise in the Greek Islands with my mom one year! For our honeymoon, my husband and I headed to Bali (longest flight of life, but SO WORTH IT!! – the featured photo is from there!).

16. When’s your next vacation and where are you going?

I’m heading to Florida to meet up with my husband next week!

17. Do you speak any other languages?

Yes, my first language is French. I picked up English watching TV! I also speak Lebanese.

18. What’s one talent that you wish you had?

I wish I could be a public speaker. I HATE public speaking and coming up with something on the spot, forget it – don’t EVER ask me to give a speech that I haven’t prepared for well in advance!

19. What’s something that you wish you could do one more time?

I wish I could go back to Bali to do different excursions.

20. If you weren’t in your current job, what would you want to be doing?

I think I’d be working for an NGO, but those jobs are hard to come by and I like the security that I have at my current job.


So there you have it! 20 questions to get to know me!


Do you have any other questions for me? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer them if I can!

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  1. I love getting to know you better through this! Public speaking has always been a struggle of mine as well, but it’s getting better the more I do it!

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