How to Make a Nature Discovery Wand

How to Make a Nature Discovery Wand

With Spring finally here and Summer around the corner, I couldn’t wait to get the kids outside. Outdoor activities with the kids are my favourite because it keeps them off the screen. This nature discovery wand is the perfect way to make going outside more interesting!


Growing up, we went camping very often as a family and being in nature always brings me so much joy. Passing along the fun of being in nature to my children is an important goal for me.


Like I mentioned in this post, we’ve been accumulating toilet paper and paper towel rolls for various activities. So when I saw a similar idea in the book 101 Things for Kids to do Outside by Dawn Isaac, I just knew that I could use a paper towel roll to create this easy outdoor activity for my toddler.


This activity only requires 2 things, and less than 3 minutes of your time to setup.




  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Clear tape




Grab a piece of tape and place it sticky side out on the paper towel roll. The tape will stick to itself, so no need to try and figure out how it will stick to the roll. Just make sure it’s really tight and it won’t slip off.


paper towel roll with sticky tape attached to it


You can do as many rows of tape as you want. Just make sure that there is enough room left to actually hold the nature wand.


Now head outside and have your kids discover the neighbourhood, go for a walk in the woods, or take your nature wand on your next camping trip! Pick up plants, leaves, or anything that’s interesting to discover and stick it to the wand!


Paper towel roll with sticky tape with leaves and sand stuck to it, completing the nature wand.


That’s it!


If you want more learning fun, go back home and do some research on the things you’ve discovered on your nature walk!


I’d love to see your nature wands! tag me on Instagram ( and use the hashtag #livelifemomnature so I can see your beautiful creations!

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