Little J looking at goats at the Canadian Agriculture and Food museum

Our visit to the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum

If there’s one thing that Ottawa isn’t short of, it’s museum geared towards kids, and the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum was the perfect place to take the kids for the first gorgeous weekend of Spring!


Since we had our Ingenium passes, it didn’t cost us a penny that day!



This museum is perfect to visit in the Spring/Summer months and caters to every age group.


It’s also the perfect place if you have an hour or two to spare. You definitely don’t need a whole day to visit.


We only had a short time to visit this time, so we made sure to focus on the animals. Cows, pigs, horses, roosters, chickens, sheep, and goats were on the schedule!


One thing to think about when you visit though is that there is no restaurant/cafeteria. So make sure you bring your own picnic. They have an area just for that!


And if you need to take a break from the animals, there’s a big playground for the kids to burn off some steam.


Check out the photos of our visit below!



If your kids are older, there are a variety of daily guided activities for them to do!


Once you’re done there, visit the various greenhouses or have a picnic at the Arboretum.

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