Bird Feeder Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toddler Activity: Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

With Spring finally here to stay, I had been wanting to put together this easy toilet paper roll bird feeder with Little J.


We have a lot of birds roaming around in our backyard, and with all the toilet paper rolls I’ve accumulated in the last few weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to stay the course with our toilet paper crafts.


This very easy craft for kids will only take about 10-20 minutes of your time to make, BUT only takes 3 minutes to setup!


This is a perfect activity to spend some quality time with your kids and teach them about the variety of birds in your neighbourhood. It’s also a great lesson in recycling!


Aside from the enjoyment of seeing birds fly into your backyard, other benefits to adding a bird feeder to your landscape include:


  • Insect Control
  • Flower Pollination
  • Weed Control


INSECT CONTROL! Do you really need another reason to do this??


Let’s get started on making this wonderful craft!




  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Bird seeds
  • Peanut Butter
  • Twine
  • Craft/Popsicle sticks or a butter knife




Start by setting up a tray with your materials.



Spread the peanut butter on your toilet paper roll using the craft stick.



Roll your covered toilet paper roll into the bird seeds.


Toddler Activity: Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder


String the twine through the roll and tie a knot.


Hang in a tree or on your porch outside and watch the birds flock to your new bird feeder!


We had so much fun watching the birds come and settle on the bird feeders the next day!


It would also be interesting to do this with a variety of seeds to attract different kinds of birds!

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