DIY Toilet Paper Binoculars

Toddler Activity: Binoculars Toilet Paper Craft

For the last few months, I’ve been trying to accumulating toilet paper rolls in an attempt to reuse them for a craft or game before I throw them into the recycling bin. To my husband’s chagrin, they had been sitting in a drawer until I was ready for the right opportunity to pull them out.


One Saturday morning, Little J was bored out of his mind. Naturally, I tried to think of a toilet paper craft and that’s when a fun idea came to mind: let’s make binoculars!


The steps are so simple and your toddler can use them for a whole variety of activities: look for things inside the house, look for things in the backyard, look for things in the sky…You get the idea.


This observation play can turn any mundane activity into an exploration activity!


Are you ready to make this happen? Here’s what you need to do:






  • Toilet paper rolls (2 per pair of binoculars)
  • Paint
  • Paper plates, or any other tool you use to present the paint to your child
  • Paintbrushes
  • Plastic table cloth
  • Glue gun
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon, string, or yarn – anything that you have around for them to hang their binoculars around their neck




Setup your space by placing the table cloth on a table and prepare the paint for your toddler.


Toddler Activity: DIY Toilet Paper Binoculars

Have your toddler paint the toilet paper rolls. Let them dry for an hour or so.


Using the glue gun, stick the two toilet paper rolls together. It is preferable that an adult do this part, but you know your child.


Make holes on the outside of each toilet paper roll.


String your ribbon through the hole and tie a knot. Do the same on the other side.


DIY Toilet Paper Binoculars
You can see that I added a piece of cardboard between the two rolls. In hindsight, that wasn’t necessary to add, but feel free to make your binoculars the way you want!

That’s it! So easy and it keeps your kid busy long enough for you to setup lunch on the weekend!


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